Spots are a part of a condition known as acne, which unfortunately affects the skin for approximately 95% of the western world’s adolescent population.

By taking a few minutes to read this page, I’ll guarantee you will save yourself a heap of time and worry.  I will give an exact quick overview and explanation of what exactly spots are and what the best ways to get rid of them are!

There is no actual difference between spots and acne, but some classify spots as a few skin breakouts, while acne is more serious with widespread breakouts, which can be found on the face, shoulders, back, chest and even buttocks.

Spots are frantic body messages saying
something’s wrong inside!

Typically, when you have a breakout of spots they can be due hormonal changes like during puberty, around a woman’s period or during pregnancy.  Also increased breakouts have been linked to stress, as it triggers fluctuations in hormone levels.

This is why whenever there is a big event we seem to suffer breakouts just before.

How Discolorations Appear

Dark spots caused by acne scars are obviously an undesirable sight on the skin because these are flaws on an otherwise flawless skin with an even tone.  Think of Dalmatian dark circles against a white coat, its discolorations like this you’ll want to avoid making an appearance on your skin.

Your body’s immune system quickly acts and reacts to the invasion of foreign objects on the skin, which is the case when pimples start appearing on the surface.  When skin inflammation starts, your body also releases substances including prostaglandins, arachidonic acid, and leukotriene’s that increase the production of melanocytes in your epidermis.

Melanocytes are cells that produce melanin, the pigment that results in skin color (i.e., white or brown).  When more melanin is released, more than the usual, the results are spots that appear darker than the rest of the surrounding skin.

This is especially true in cases of acne where the trauma on the skin caused by popping on the pimples, scratching on the skin, and squeezing the blackheads/whiteheads result in the so-called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  This is one of the reasons why dermatologists suggest keeping your hands off your pimples as part of an effective acne treatment plan.

Also, many acne treatment substances like salicylic acid and alcohol can lead to dry skin that can result in the development of dark discolorations.  This is especially true when you failed apply moisturizers on your skin after applying the topical treatments containing salicylic acid and/or alcohol.

Anyone can have spots on their skin from acne but individuals with darker skin have higher risks to develop post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation than people with light or fair skin, according to scar expert Sean Lowry.  Even doctors rate Sean’s natural Scar Solution…

How Discolorations Can Disappear

Fortunately, most cases of dark skin discolorations can be resolved by doing essentially nothing, since these skin flaws can fade on their own within 2 years.  Your skin will then have a more even tone than before especially when you avoid prolonged sun exposure from mid-day to mid-afternoon.

You should use sun protective clothing and sunscreen with a minimum of SPF15 as protection for your skin during these times, too.  If you are impatient about seeing your skin spotsdisappear faster than the natural 2-year window, then check out the following treatment methods:

  • Important Consideration #1: Topical creams; the best anti-spot products contain glycolic acid, a substance proven to promote effective surface skin turnover and to even out the skin tone.
  • Important Consideration #2: Chemical peels; a chemical peel also uses glycolic acid, but it has a stronger composition than the one used on topical creams. It is used for the treatment of both mild scars and dark marks from acne by stimulating faster skin regeneration and promoting better skin refinement. It must be noted that several treatments are necessary for visible results to be enjoyed.
  • Important Consideration #3: Skin lighteners; skin lightening ingredients including ascorbic acid, retinol, kojic acid, hydroquinone, and licorice are best for brownish marks but these are not effective for pink and red pimple marks unrelated to melanin production. Be sure to use sufficient sun protection when using skin lighteners, which will require at least 3 treatments for significant removal of the dark marks.
  • Important Consideration #4: Holistic and natural solution; multi-dimensional physiological remedy giving immediate pain and redness relief using home remedy treatment to permanently cure your acne problem, even chronic cystic cases, and prevent scarring permanently.

When the spots are severe, your dermatologist will use other methods including dermal fillers, steroid injections, and punch excisions as well as laser treatments.  These invasive treatments are more expensive but can generally deliver faster results.

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