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Benzoyl Peroxide

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Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl PeroxideBenzoyl peroxide is an organic compound that is routinely used as an ingredient in most of the over-the-counter acne treatment products available worldwide.  Many research studies have been conducted to assess its long-term safety.

Till as late as the mid-nineties, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had classified benzoyl peroxide as belonging to Category I, implying that it is safe to use.

Unknown Dangers

Benzoyl Peroxide Unknown DangersHowever, many research studies suggesting a link between benzoyl peroxide and skin tumor development in mice and hamsters made FDA revise its safety ranking from Category I to Category III.  The compounds catalogued under Category III are marked with ‘safety unknown’ tag.

This means that the long-term safety of benzoyl peroxide in humans cannot be assessed properly till further research is carried out.  Some unknown dangers of benzoyl peroxide are discussed below.

  • Endangerment #1: Tumorigenic Potential; of benzoyl peroxide observed in mice and hamsters is linked to its ability to produce a whole lot of free radicals in skin, just as it happens during unprotected exposure to the sun.  Free radicals are known to damage not only the structure of the skin, but also the cellular DNA.  Damaged skin structure leads to premature skin aging and reduced healing ability of the skin; on the other hand, damaged DNA can have far more serious and dangerous consequences.  It can gradually lead to the development of full-fledged carcinoma, the medical term for skin cancer.  The seriousness of tumorigenic potential lies in the fact that none of these safety concerns are properly communicated by the product manufacturers to the consumers, because many of such products may be considered as cosmetics.  And cosmetics are not subject to the same safety regulations as prescription drugs, furthermore acne treatment products are aggressively promoted through advertisements on television.
  • Endangerment #2: Unknown Safety, the Category III tag on benzoyl peroxide by FDA makes it dangerous for women to use during pregnancy, because it is not known how it affects the fetus and perhaps even enters breast milk.  It is, therefore, highly recommended that mothers-to-be and nursing mothers avoid using acne products containing benzoyl peroxide.
  • Endangerment #3: Uncertain Healing Ability; actually, benzoyl peroxide is known to be a strong bleaching agent that can permanently bleach anything that comes in its contact.  It causes extreme dryness, irritation and redness of the skin.  It does seem to clear locally the acne from the skin surface through its strong antimicrobial action and skin peeling action, but it does so only temporarily.  In fact, in the long term it may leave the skin more irritated and flaky, or even more prone to acne.  This is so because the natural healing ability of the skin gets reduced due to the damaged skin structure.  And the ability of the skin glands to produce natural protective oils that keep it healthy, supple, soft and glowing also gets reduced.

In view of all these unknown dangers of benzoyl peroxide, it is best to avoid products containing this ingredient.  There are many prescription creams that are free of benzoyl peroxide as well as natural products and lifestyle methods technologically advanced by acne gurus like Chris Gibson.

Benzoyl Peroxide Vs Natural Cure Customer Review

Natural Conclusion

Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Treatment TipsHappily today there are some effective natural treatments available to help remove discomfort, pain and embarrassment which can be used in the comport of your own home.  Natural remedies are safe and fast acting that’s adaptable to your individual condition and are effective in removing acne scarring.

 In my own quest to eradicate severe acne I uncovered 2 miracle remedies that I can whole-heartedly recommend.  Acne No More or Acne Free In 3 Days are the best natural products endorsed by doctors have been clinically tested and proven to give relief within 72 hours and eliminate even cystic acne within 6–8 weeks:

No Matter What Type of Acne You Have or How Severe

Forget about Benzoyl peroxide.  I recommend that you go NOW and check out this cure to see for yourself how quickly it can work for YOU!

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      Fantastic Shanice – selecting an all natural holistic system is really the best way to cure acne permanently. I’m really pleased you got a great result and it works! Let me know if I can be of anymore help,

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    • Lionel says:

      Hello Christian, this is an amazing holistic approach to acne elimination and related symptoms where almost everyone young or old can benefit from its remedies in improving skin physiology which helps to bring your internal systems into balance and harmony. I’m really pleased that something has worked for you at last!

  8. Nancy says:

    In 2010 the FDA finalized its benzoyl peroxide monograph after thoroughly studying these concerns. The Final Monograph now clearly states that benzoyl peroxide is GRAS. Now all benzoyl peroxide consumer products containing 2.5-10% strength is considered OTC. Also, it should be noted that benzoyl peroxide is not made equal. We’ve been extremely pleased with the results in using Curoxyl (R). You can learn more at This material is safe, effective , non irritating and works quickly.

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