Acne on Chin – What’s Happening?

Acne on chin is similar to acne on other locations in the face and body, including blackheads, whiteheads and pimples.

Acne is your bodies desperate message
indicating something is desperately wrong inside!

These chin breakouts can be just as embarrassing and frustrating as acne on the cheeks, forehead and nose.

What’s Happening?

But why is it that you are getting pimples on your chin but not on other parts of your face and body?  Of course, you are thankful for such fact, considering that many individuals who suffer from blackheads, whiteheads and pimples have breakouts on most of their faces with a few smatterings on the neck – or as many will say, acne that has grown a face.

Still, you want to know what acne on chin is all about, why it occurs here and what can be done about it.

Why It Occurs on the Chin

Many theories are made about pimples on the chin including the following two theories:

  • Occurrence Theory #1:Chinese face mapping; this is based on an ancient medicine system that espouses the idea of close relationships between the areas of the face and specific organs in the body.  Think of acupuncture or reflexology with a twist to account for the location of pimples on the face and you will understand Chinese face mapping.  In the case of acne on chin, its main connection is to the stomach and small intestine.  The idea here is that your chin is closely linked to these parts of the digestive system, particularly in the buildup of toxins.  The recommended solution is to add more fiber into your diet and drink cleansing juices to remove the toxins, thus, clearing up the skin.
  • Occurrence Theory #2: Dermatologists; according to many dermatologists, the breakouts on the chin are caused by hormonal changes.  Think about it, many women will experience breakouts on their chin just before menstruation starts, which is a sure sign that their pimples were partly caused by the hormonal changes in their bodies.  Why the acne on chin instead of the forehead or the cheeks?  This is because the chin is particularly sensitive to the increase in testosterone and progesterone.  But it is not just menstruation that can cause breakouts on the chin either.  The chin pimples may be a sign of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which requires medical attention for appropriate treatment.

If you have deep cystic acne on your chin or along your jaw, then you must consult with a dermatologist for acne treatment and an obstetrician-gynecologist for possible PCOS tests.

This way, you can address both the root cause and the symptoms in a more effective manner and find a solution that can be treated from home.

What Can Be Done

Breakouts on the chin can be treated in a similar manner as pimples on the nose, cheeks and forehead with the following tips:

  • Cure Tip #1: Take birth control pills to normalize hormone levels
  • Cure Tip #2: Use topical products containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide or sulfur
  • Cure Tip #3: Wash your face and neck with hypoallergenic cleansers and warm water
  • Cure Tip #4: Limit eating dairy products and foods with high glycemic index, for example, sweet treats like chocolates
  • Cure Tip #5: Eat more fish, fruits and vegetables
  • Cure Tip #6: Get more sleep
  • Cure Tip #7: Take antibiotics for severe cases of acne, which must be prescribed by a doctor.

For use of any type of medication, you must ask your doctor first.

The bottom line:  Use similar tactics in the treatment of acne on chin as you would with other types of breakouts but with a twist – look at the toxins in your diet and your possible hormonal changes.

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