acne treatment quick ogoMillions of individuals, from teenagers to adults, are trying to find out how to get rid of acne for good.  Acne, which can range from whiteheads and blackheads to cysts and nodules, are skin flaws that can easily be seen by the naked eyes especially when found on the face, neck and arms.

How To Get Rid Of AcneFortunately, experts like dermatologists have identified several forms of acne treatment, which include non-prescription and prescription treatments.  When trying to figure out how to get rid of acne, we suggest adopting the non-prescription ways for mild cases of acne and adding them to your overall daily preventive skincare regimen.

We mention the prescription treatments for severe acne that the non-prescription methods cannot resolve, but these must be performed under medical supervision for best results.  However, there are very effective natural treatments available that can clear acne fast!

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Non-prescription Treatments

Aside from the usual healthy diet and lifestyle habits, including getting sufficient sleep at night and managing stress, the following non-prescription acne treatments are recommended by the experts.

  • Non-Prescription Remedy #1: Gentle cleanser and water; avoid using soaps, bath products, and facial cleansers with harsh substances like fragrances because they can irritate skin.  Instead, use a hypoallergenic cleanser and body wash to clean your face and body at least 2 times a day.  Avoid scrubbing and rubbing your skin, too.
  • Non-Prescription Remedy #3: Over-the-counter anti-acne products; ask your pharmacist about these products before actually using one of these substances to ensure that you are, indeed, using it as recommended below:

– Benzoyl peroxide kills bacteria associated with acne and prevents dead skin cells from building up in the pores.  It is a common ingredient in creams, lotions and washes but it can cause dry skin, so use in moderation.  It is best for mild breakouts only.

– Salicylic acid aids in correcting the abnormal shedding of skin cells, thus, aiding in unclogging of pores and resolving lesions.  It should be used continuously because its beneficial effects stops when its usage is also stopped.

– Natural remedies like oatmeal masks, apple cider vinegar toner, and honey cleansers, to name a few, can also be good preventive measures against blackheads, whiteheads, and small pimples.

Top Tip: Never ever pop a pimple.  Just apply a hot towel on pus-filled spots to stimulate the natural bursting process and to prevent deep scars, pits, and spots.  Besides, this is not the best way how to get rid of acne because you will be introducing bacteria to the skin, which may make the problem even worse.

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Prescription Treatments

When all else fails and your small pimples become large pustules, then your best course of action is to seek medical treatment.  Your dermatologist may prescribe one or two of the following prescription treatments:

  • Prescription Remedy #1: Antibiotics; can be administered either topically (on the skin) or orally.  Antibiotics commonly used include generic names like tetracycline, minocycline, and doxycycline.  These medicines work by lessening the skin inflammation (i.e., redness and pus) and killing the acne-causing bacteria.  Keep in mind that antibiotics will only clear the acne-causing bacteria but will not address the other causes of pimples (i.e. unhealthy hygiene habits).
  • Prescription Remedy #2: Retinoid Vitamin A derivatives; aid in normalizing skin growth and shedding.  These are then useful in clearing up moderate to severe pimples, pustules and cysts.

Bottom Line

You need not despair about your skin condition because there are many effective ways you can eliminate breakouts if you’re wondering how to get rid of acne.  The trick is to adopt one that works best for your case.

Are you embarrassed and frustrated and fed-up asking for help with this challenging problem – I certainly was – and I suffered silently.  So I’ve researched some specific tips and suggestions below about aspects you might find useful and keep in mind if you suffer from acne.

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